Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 70

Krishna's Day


Then the roosters who were crowing were cursed, by the wives of Madhava whose neck was being held closely, agitated over separation as the dawn was approaching


Krishna's Day

Suka Deva continued

O King the Lord always emphasized the karma part of house holders activity and it is reflected in the daily events at Dwaraka.

It is the early mornings most auspicious for most, but not so for the wives. It is then the roosters who were crowing were cursed by the wives of Madhava. As the dawn was approaching Madhava was being held ever more closely agitated over separation. The buzzing bees in the gardens roused the birds from their sleep and the birds sing song was more like a wake upcall to the Lord as though the courtiers were singing glories in the morning . It is one inauspicious hour for the princess of Vidarbha, as it meant she too has to relinquish the hold she has on her beloved Madhava.

It is called the most auspicious time the Brahma muhurtham. It is the time Madhava would rise and touch auspicious water. He would meditate with clear mind entirely fixed on him. Then having bathed in pure water as per practice he would dress himself with appropriate garments. The Lord would complete the morning worship by his offerings to the fire. Then he would be silently reciting Gayatri. Every day Lord would worship Sun god and propitiate the other Devas, Sages and forefathers. He would gift cows with calves and gold to Brahmans. He would look at ghee, a mirror, cow, bulls and Brahmans and then ensure that all people are happy with gifts. Then he would greet his ministers. In a gathering he would distribute garlands, betel nut, and sandalwood paste to the Brahmans. Then he would distribute gifts to his friends, ministers and wives.

By then his chariot driver having brought his splendid chariot yoked with Sugriva and other would bow down and stand ready. Taking the hands of the charioteer in his hands as mark of affection, Krishna would mount the Chariot with Satyaki and Uddhava. Looked upon with shy glances by the palace woman and getting free with difficulty, Krishna would move out captivating their mind with his smile.

He enters the Royal assembly hall known as Sudharma, attended by all Vrishnis. As he would seat himself surrounded by all Yadus, he would shine with brilliance, like moon among the stars. Then the courtiers would sing songs of his glory. The dancers would dance to the accompaniment of all sorts of musical instruments.

One day though a person entered the Sudharma hall.

He entered with a special request for Krishna. The door keepers allowed him and he bowed to the Lord. Then he explained how many of the Kings imprisoned by Jarasandha were suffering. He said twenty thousand Kings who refused to submit to him were imprisoned in the fort called Girivraja.

These Kings sent message to the Lord.

“O Krishna Krishna, Destroyer of fear, we have come to you to seek shelter. In this whole world people are attached to sinful activities inattentive about duties which are to worship you. In to this world you have descended to protect the saintly and punish the wicked. How can someone who transgresses the law and enjoy the fruits of his work? Your feet remove the sorrow of those who surrender. Please release us from the shackles of Karma going by the name of the King of Magadha. Wielding a prowess of ten thousand elephants, he imprisoned us in his den like sheep .Oh Lord you defeated him eighteen times. You allowed him once and it inflated his pride. You please rectify that.”

The messenger said,” Oh Lord this is the message from the imprisoned Kings”.

When the Kings messenger has just completed his message, then Sage Narad appeared as if from nowhere. As soon as he entered , Lord Krishna , the one who is worshipped by everybody , himself got up to worship Narad. He offered him respectful obeisance by bowing his head and offered him a seat. Then Krishna spoke with great respect.” Certainly the three worlds must be free from fear, since the powerful personality like you is traveling everywhere. Indeed there is nothing unknown to you. Let me enquire from you the news from Hastinapuraand Indraprastha, the well being of Pandavas and their intentions. “

Narad started with the known powers of the Lord, including the power that knows what happens anywhere. Hinting that Lord knows what is happening yet he informs. ,” O Lord , playing the part of Human being , I shall tell you what your devotee the King , the son of your fathers sister intends to do. He will perform fire sacrifices known as Rajasuya .Please bless his endeavor. Oh Lord the Devas and other exalted personalities, eager to see you will come to that sacrifice. “

Then in that assembly hall Krishna saw his own supporters who are eager to demolish Jarasandha not agreeing for the proposal to attend Rajasuya of Dharmaraja. He turned to Uddhavaand addressed him thus. “You are indeed our best eyes and counselor. You please advise us on what needs to be done “

Thus requested by the master, though knowing everything yet acting as if confused, taking the order on his head, Uddhava replied


Thus requested by the master, though knowing everything yet acting as if confused, taking the order on his head, Uddhava replied