Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 72

End of Jarasandha

Once King Yudhistira was sitting in the assembly surrounded by Brahman, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas as well as his brothers


End of Jarasandha

Suka Deva continued

Once King Yudhistirawas sitting in the assembly surrounded by Brahman , Kshatriyas , Vaisyas as well as his brothers .He was also surrounded by the teachers and elders of the Kuru family , and all close relatives, in laws, and friends. As he addressed the gathering ,all of them listened intently.

“O Govinda, of all the sacrifices , the one Rajasuya is most purifying . I wish to pray to you to please allow us to perform the Rajasuya. O Lord whoever continuously meditates on your lotus feet which destroy all inauspicious things , are bound to get whatever they wish .Those who do not take shelter of your feet are never satisfied. Therefore Oh Govinda !, let people see the power of service to the Lord . Please show them the position of Kurus and Srunjayas who worship you and others who do not . You see everything with an equanimity not differentiating between mine and others . You bless all those who worship you much like that Kalpataru which provides benefits to all who come for shelter under the same. “

Lord Krishna said ,” O King perfectly determined by you . With this Rajasuya sacrifice your name will spread far and wide. For the sages , the fore fathers and the all friends too performance of this major sacrifice is good. These brothers of your have taken birth through the powers of powerful planets. You too have conquered your senses and hence conquered me too .Any person dedicated to me in this world cannot be defeated even by Devas “

Hearing these encouraging words of Lord Krishna Yudhistira became joyful and started the preparations for Rajasuya . Then sent forth his brothers in all directions. He ordered Sahadev to the South with warriors of Srunjayas. Nakul went west , Arjun went to North Bhim went to east . All of them supported by Mastyas , Kekayas ,Madrakas respectively .Defeating several Kings they brought back abundant wealth from all directions.

Hearing that Jarasandha remained undefeated , Yudhistir was contemplating the possible course of actions . Lord Krishna repeated the suggestion of Uddhava that Jarasandha is better tackled in a one to one combat by Bhima .

Accordingly Krishna Bhim and Arjun left for Magadha in the disguise of Brahmans. They approached Jarasandha when he was discharging his duties to Brahmans . They said .”O King ,desirous of gain we have come from faraway places . Please grant us with whatever we desire . Indeed what is intolerable for the patient ? What is impossible for the pious ? What is impossible to give away for the generous? Who having gained equanimity differentiates between outsiders and insiders? He is indeed to be pitied who though capable does not do so . Harischandra, Ranti Deva , Mudgala, Sibi and Bali , the hunter , the pigeon have achieved the permanent salvation. So Oh King ! Please grant us with whatever we desire . “

Jarasandha could grasp that these not Brahmans and that they are certainly of Royal blood . He also thought he may have known them before . “ These are surely relatives of Kshatriyas , not Brahmans by the signs they are wearing .I should give what is begged even if it is my own body . Are not the glories of Bali widespread in all directions ? Bali was made to fall from his position by the Brahman Vamana who was Vishnu in disguise .Though being aware and even forbidden he still gave the earth in charity .Of what use is the body of Kshatriyas if not used in the service of Brahman “.

So saying Jarasandha addressed the Brahmins .” O Brahmins let it be chosen , what you desire . I will give you my own head even”.

Lord said , “ O King , give us a one on one fight , if you think it is proper. We have come here desirous of fight . We are members of Royal order and we do not want anything else . That one is Bhim son of Pritha , the other one is his brother Arjun, know me as their maternal uncle , Krishna your enemy .”

Thus invited Jarasandha laughed out loudly . ,” Then Oh fools ! I will give you a fight . Oh Krishna , the cowardly one , I will not fight with you . Your strength was lost and you fled from Mathura to take shelter in the Sea. The other one , Arjun is not equal to me in age and also not having strength to match me . Bhim is however as strong as I am . and I will fight with him ”.

Having said this , he gave Bhim a club and got himself another and left the city to fight outside. Then on level fighting grounds both of them started the fight . Fighting furiously they tried to outdo each other. Circling each other for opportune moment and landing blows on each other both of them appeared splendid like two actors on a stage. The clattering sound of the clubs was like the sound of two elephants colliding .They hit each other relentlessly and even the clubs got destroyed. They then started fighting with their fists. Indeed it was fight between equals and the fight went for twenty seven days. Fighting during daytime and spending the nights like friends.

On the twenty seventh day Bhim told Krishna, “Madhava, I find it difficult to overcome Jarasandha.”

Lord Krishna knowing the secret of birth of Jarasandha, and how he was given life by demoness Jara, decided to infuse his strength to Bhim. Having thought of a means of killing Jarasandha Krishna showed a tree branch and tearing it apart into two indicated to Bhim what needs to be done. Understanding the same, Bhim the best of fighters seized Jarasandha and threw him to the ground. Then holding one leg to the ground, he pulled the other leg to tear apart Jarasandha into two parts. The citizens saw their King in two parts each part having one of his limbs, eyes, legs, hands. A lamentation arose for he did charity for his own people

Krishna and Arjun congratulated Bhim.

The Lord Krishna declared Sahadev, the son of Jarasandha as the King and installed him as the King of Magadha.

The Lord then freed all the Kings imprisoned by the King of Magadha.


Bhagavan the sustainer of all living beings , made Sahadev , son of Jarasandha as the King of Magadha and released all the Kings who were imprisoned by Jarasandha