Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 74


Having heard of the killing of Jarasandha and the display of power by the Lord Krishna . very pleased King Yudhistira addressed the Lord



Suka Deva continued .

King Yudhisthira addressed the Lord having heard of the killing of Jarasandha and the display of power by the Lord Krishna , very pleased.

“The spiritual masters of the three worlds, the rulers of the planets, the inhabitants and the Lord Maheswara , they carry on your command which is rarely obtained. Here you take upon yourself the order of the wretched ones who think they are great rulers. This is great pretense. For the one without a second , the power is neither increased or diminished by such activities. Even your devotees make no distinction of ‘me ‘ and ‘mine' , ‘you' and ‘yours'. “

Having said this Yudhistira awaited for the proper time for the Rajasuya. Then with permission of Lord Krishna selected the priests who were all experts in Vedas. He selected Krishna Dvaipayana, Bharadwaja, Sumanthu . Gautama Asita , Vashista Chyavana, Kanva , Maitreya , Kavasha, Trita , Viswamitra , Vaamadeva , Sumati , Jamini, Kratu , Paila , Parasara, Garga, Vaisampayana, Atharva, Kasyapa, Dhaumaya, Bhargavarama, Asiri, Vitihotra, Madhuchanda, Virasena, Akritavrana.

O King ! Yudhistira also invited others headed by Drona , Bhishma, Kritavarma, Dhritarashtra and all his sons and the greatly intelligent Vidura . All the Brahmans, Kshtriayas, Vaisyas and Shards too came there eager to see. There were also entourages of Kings .

Then the Brahmans selected the spot for the sacrifice and had the land ploughed using golden plough by King Yudhistira in accordance with practices , as was done the first Rajasuya by Lord Varuna. The utensils used were all made of gold. The planetary rulers headed by Indra, including Lord Brahma and Lord Siva with their attendants, Siddhas, Chanuras, Gandharvas Vidhyadharas, Great Serpents, exalted Sages, Yakshas and Demons, were all invited for the Rajasuya performed by King Yudhistira , the son of Pandu . And they all came from all directions.

The sacrificial priests possessing the power of Devas performed the Rajasuya with Vedic injunctions just as they performed in the earlier Rajasuya of Varuna. On the day of extracting the Soma juice King Yudhistir correctly and attentively worshipped all the leaders of the assembly .

The members of the assembly pondered over who should be worshipped first could not come to a conclusion as many were qualified .

Then Sahadev spoke.

“ Indeed Achyuta deserves the Supreme position. He is the leader of Satvatas . He himself comprise of all the Devas being worshipped in the entire Universe . He is the Supreme personality . He is the one who creates maintains and destroys the universe. He is beyond all passions. He is the supreme controller. He creates all the material activities. Therefore we should give the highest honor to Lord Krishna . In this manner we will be honoring all beings in this world. Anyone who desires that what is given should have an unlimited increase , they should give the honor to Lord Krishna “.

Having said this Sahadev remained silent.

Hearing this all the saintly persons agreed immediately saying “well said , well said “.

The King Yudhistira too was delighted to hear this. Taking this as the decision of the assembly , the King requested Lord Krishna to be the first one to be honored. He washed Lord Krishna's feet with auspicious water and sprinkled the same on his head . Then he worshipped the Lord. When the Lord was being thus honored the whole assembly bowed and proclaimed ‘Obeisance to you ‘ . ‘All victory to you'. The Devas let flow a torrent for flowers in appreciation.

However there was one person who could not tolerate the honor being accorded to Lord Krishna.

That was the Price of Chedi , Sisupala, who lost out to Krishna in the Rukmini Swayamvar.

In the midst of the assembly waving his hands addressing the Supreme Lord he said harsh words with no fear .

“ The revealed statement of Vedas that time is supreme controller is indeed true. The intelligence of the elders has been diverted by a mere boy. All of you worthy candidates, please do not heed to the words spoken by a boy stating that Krishna is to be chosen for being honored . Passing over the most exalted members of this assembly who are even worshipped by the rulers of the planets , selecting a cowherd, a disgrace of his family, is like a offering the Sacred rice meant for Devas to a crow ! He is devoid of Varna , Ashram or Kula . He is excluded from all religious duties, lacking in good qualities, behaves independently. How can he be worshipped. The Yadu dynasty has been cursed by Yayati. And Yadus are ostracized by well behaved people . And they are addicted to drinking . And how does he deserve ? They have abandoned Mathura the land of great Rishis and taken shelter in a fortress built in the sea. “

Thus he spoke and he spoke more .

The Supreme Lord did not say a word like a lion ignoring jackals cry.

Hearing that intolerable criticism of the Lord members of the assembly covered their ears. Some went away cursing the prince of Chedi.

Then sons of Pandu became furious . The Matsyas , Kaikeyas , and Srunjayas stood up with arms to kill Sisupala. Then unshaken Sisupala too took up sword and shield, continuing to insult proponents of Krishna . At that point the Supreme Lord, stopping his devotees, sent forth his disc which severed the head of Sisupala. When Sisupala was killed a great roar rose from the assembly .

To the amazement of all , a light arose from the body of Sisupala and merged into the Lord , like a meteor from the sky falling on the earth.

Extending through three births, continuing the enmity with the Lord and only focusing on the Lord , Sisupala ultimately merged in to His consciousness.

The King having become the Emperor, Yudhistira generously gave the gifts and honored all those who attended as per Vedas. Lord Krishna too saw to it that the Rajasuya ended successfully.

Then he took leave of Kunti , the mother of Pandavas and all the Pandavas too , and left for Dwaraka along with all his wives . The Devas and all others who attended also took leave and returned to their abodes singing the praise of Lord Krishna.

All except Duryodhana were satisfied.

Whoever chants these activities of Killing of Prince of Chaidya , the deliverance of Kings and the sacrifice , he is freed from all sinful reactions


Whoever chants these activities of Killing of Prince of Chaidya , the deliverance of Kings and the sacrifice , he is freed from all sinful reactions