Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 75

Story of Duryodhana

Seeing the Ajatasatru and the great festivity of Rajasuya all the Kings assembled were very happy


Story of Duryodhana

Maharaja Parikshit asked “ Oh Brahman seeing that the great festivity of Rajasuya of Ajatasatru all the assembled Kings , Sages and Devas were very happy. But oh worshipful one ! we heard you say Duryodhana was an exception . Tell us why it is so ?

Suka Deva replied :

At the sacrifice of your grandfather , the family members of the great soul were doing humble service bound by love for him. Bhim supervised the kitchen , Duryodhana managed the treasury. Sahadev was engaged in worshipping the guests. Nakul was engaged in procuring materials , Arjun in serving elders, Krishna in washing everyone's feet, Draupadi in distributing food, and Karna in giving gifts . Many others like Yuyudhano , Vikarna , Hardikya, Vidura, Bhurisravas , and others sons of Bahlika also volunteered. They all did so to please the King Yudhistira.

After all the priests who performed the Rajasuya have been properly Honored , and the King of Chedi entered the Lotus feet of the Lord after an attack on the Lord, the King Yudhistira undertook the Avabruta bath in the river Yamuna. During celebration music of many instruments was played , and the dancers too performed dances. All the Kings too followed the Yudhistira to the Yamuna with all their entourages. The Yadus, Srunjayas , Kambhojas, the Kurus, Kekeyas and Kosalas, gathering together as they moved in a procession to Yamuna made the earth tremble. The men and women all adorned with flower garlands , sandal wood paste , and jewelry. They sported with each other by smearing and sprinkling one another with various liquids . The men played with courtesans . And the courtesans too played with men . King Yudhistira's wives too came out to watch the fun .

The priests led the King through the final rituals of the event . Then they had him and Draupadi sip water for purification and then take bath in the river Ganges . All the people too bathed in the same waters. There after wearing fresh garments, the King again honored all the guests. Having completed all events the highly learned priests departed taking the leave of the King.

At that time King Yudhistira stopped several of his close relations from going . He stopped Lord Krishna himself who sent most of the party away with Samba and others while he stayed on for a few more days. The King was at last relieved of his burning ambition. He crossed the ocean of desires with the help of the Lord Himself .

One day within the palace observing the King , Duryodhana was pained at the greatness of the Rajasuya and the performer too . The palace too looked like it contained all riches of the whole universe . The palace having been built by Maya danava , acquired the name of Maya Sabha. Maya built the same to reciprocate the help rendered by Arjun in saving him from the Khandava fire. It so happened that King was sitting in the assembly hall built by Maya. Present with him were his attendants and his family members.

Proud Duryodhana surrounded by his brothers , with sword in hand entered the assembly hall insulting the door keepers as he entered. As he moved without the aid of door keepers, he picked up the end of his garment on solid ground thinking there is water . In another place he fell into water thinking it is solid ground. All due to mirage created by Maya.

Bhim and the women who saw Duryodhan slip and fall laughed even as King Yudhistira tried to stop them. Humiliated Duryodhana left the Maya Sabha burning with anger. The saintly persons said , “alas ! alas !”. But the supreme Lord remained silent, since he knew that this would be prelude to the task he was to take up eventually namely reducing the burden of the earth.

O Rajan now I have answered why Duryodhana was dissatisfied on the occasion of the Rajasuya


"O Rajan now I have answered why Duryodhana was dissatisfied on the occasion of the Rajasuya "