Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 76

Battle with Salva

"O King now hear another wonderful action of Krishna. Acting in his human form how the Lord of Saubha was killed"


Battle with Salva

Suka Deva continued

‘O King now hear another wonderful action of Krishna which he accomplished in his human form. It is how the King Salva, the master of Saubha was killed ‘.

A friend of Sisupala, by the name Salva, also attended the Swayamvarof Rukmini. He was also defeated by the Yadu warriors along with Jarasandha and other kings. Salva took an oath, while all others were hearing that he will get rid of all Yadus on the earth. Having taken the vow he undertook a penance for Lord Siva for a year. Lord Siva who is always pleased easily was indeed pleased easily and he offered Salva a benediction. Salva chose a vehicle that can that can travel at will but cannot be destroyed by Gods, Demons, Humans, Gandharvas, Celestial Serpents and Rakshasas . That vehicle would also terrify Vrishnis.

Lord Siva said,”So be it.”

Then he ordered Maya to build one. He built a flying car called Saubha made of steel and as big as a palace. Having obtained the vehicle which can move at will, Salva went to Dwaraka remembering his enmity. Salva then attacked Dwaraka with a large army and destroyed the outer approaches of the City. With his aerial vehicle he attacked the towers and mansions. He terrorized the people by attacking from the air and dropping stones, trees, thunderbolts, snakes. The movement of the aerial vehicle raised up dust storms too.

Attacked in this way, the city of Krishna was in as much difficulty as the earth was when it was attacked by Tripurasura. Seeing his own people being attacked Pradyumna addressed people not to fear and got onto his chariot to face the attackers. He was followed by Satyaki, Charudeha Samba, and Akrura with his brothers, Hardikya, Bhanuvinda, Gada Suka and Sarana with an army of chariots elephants, horses and soldiers.

There ensued a big battle. Pradyumna attacked Salva and his chief commander Dvajinipalam too. Salva was using his vehicle Saubha , which at one time appeared as many . And also appeared at many places making it difficult for Yadus to fight it .Yet Yadus were fighting it wherever it appeared. Salva's minister by name Dyuma, who was earlier hurt by Pradyumna, ran up to Pradyumna and hit him with a club. For a moment Pradyumna fell down unconscious in his chariot. Pradyumna's charioteer, a son of Daruka, the charioteer of Lord Krishna, knowing his duty too well, removed Pradyumna from the battle. After attaining consciousness he told the charioteer, “Oh son being taken away from the battlefield is improper. Nobody born in the Yadu dynasty ever abandoned the battle field except for me. A stain because of you. What will I say to my fathers Balaram and Krishna when I meet them? My brothers wives will laugh at me “

The charioteer said, “O King I did my duty. Oh Lord, the master must protect the charioteer and the charioteer must protect his master. Indeed knowing this, and thinking you are hurt and unconscious after being struck with the club by the enemy, you have been removed from the battle by me”.

Hearing his explanation and being satisfied Pradyumna put on his armor and ordered the charioteer to move to the place when Dyuman is battling. The son of Rukmini then attacked Dyuman. He simultaneously attacked Dyuma and his chariot. With four arrows he killed the four horses, with one arrow he killed the charioteer and with one arrow he broke the flag and with the last arrow he cut the head of Dyuman .


Indeed knowing this, and thinking you are hurt and unconscious after being struck with the club by the enemy, you have been removed from the battle by me”.