Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 82

Vrishni Gopa Sangamam

Then once when Balaram and Krishna were in Dwaraka there was a prolonged eclipse of the Sun as if the end of the Yuga has come


Vrishni Gopa Sangamam

Suka Deva continued

Once there was a prolonged eclipse of the Sun when Balaram and Krishna were in Dwaraka. O King ! Knowing this before hand the people from every where went to Syamantapanchaka on pilgrimage to perform pujas for their welfare. Even the Lord Parasurama, though unaffected by the actions being the divine form of Mahavishnu also performed worship at this place like an ordinary mortal to set an example for the common people.

Large number of people from all walks of life went there . Among those going were Vrishnis. Chief among them being Akrura, Vasudeva, King Ugrasena. They left Anirudda as the commander with Kritavrama, Suchandra, Suka and Sarana for the protection of Dwaraka. All others like Gada, Pradyumna, and Samba moved on the pilgrimage to Syamantapanchaka. The road to Syamantapanchaka was filled with well dressed Yadu warriors moving forward with their chariots elephants and horses. It is not just the Yadus it looked like the whole world including Devas, Yakshas, and Siddhas made a beeline to this place.

The men folk were accompanied by women folk dressed in their finery. They took bath performed the worship with great concentration as per prescribed scriptures. Then they gifted cows, rice and other items to Brahmans. After that they again took bath in waters sanctified by Lord Parasurama with prayers in their heart for constant devotion to the Supreme Lord. They then offered food to the Brahmans and holy people praying that their devotion to the Supreme Lord shall remain. After satisfying the Brahmans and with their permission they took their food.

Among the congregation they saw many friends and relatives like Matsya , Sumatra , Kosala , Vidarbha , Kauraba , Srinjaya , Kambhoja , Kekayasa , Madra , Anarta, and Kerala. They also met most dear friends Nanda Maharaj and the Gopas from Vraja. Owing to the excitement of meeting, their hearts bloomed with happiness. The women too met and embraced each other with pure love and affection. They exchanged obeisances and words of affection as well as words of concerns. They then also talked about Lord Krishna

Queen Kunti met with all her brothers, their wives and children. Meeting with her brother Vasudeva said,' O brother, I think myself having failed to achieve my desires. All of you are most saintly, yet in times of calamity you do not remember me. Friends, relatives, even children, do not remember a dear one for whom fate is unfavorable. ‘

Vasudeva told her, “My dear sister does not be angry with us. We are all playthings of the fate. Indeed a person acting on his own or at the behest of others, is actually under the control of the Supreme Lord. For greater part of our life we are under threat of Kamsa and went away in different directions. Only providence brought us back to our place now.'

Yadu King Ugrasena, Vasudeva and others honored all their friends and relatives.

Among those who came were the elders of the Kuru race , Bhishma, Drona , Dhritarashtra, Gandhari , with all her sons , the Pandavas with their wives , Vidura, Srinjaya Kripa , Kuntibhoja, Virata, Bhishmaka, Nganjit , Purujit , Drupada , Salya , Drishtaketu, Kasiraja, Damaghosha, Visaka , Mithila, Janaka , Madrakas Kekeyas , Yudhamanyu , Susarma and Bahlika . Many of them followers of Yudhistir . They were all happy to see Lord Krishna. They all praised the Vrishnis.

They said , “ O King of Bhojas , You alone have a worthwhile birth as you see every day the Lord Krishna, who is rarely seen by others including mystics. His fame as vibrated through the Vedas, the waters that wash his feet, and the words that flow through the scriptures, all the three purify the whole world. The earth though ravaged by the Time is revitalized by his feet moving and is offering abundant rains fulfilling our desires. We see that the Lord, seeing, touching, walking, laying down to rest, in relationships of marriage with you all the time. . Indeed you alone have birth that is worthwhile “

When Nanda came to know that Yadus are in the congregation, he immediately went to see them with all Gopas. Vasudeva embraced with tears of joy remembering the difficulties caused by Kamsa and his having to leave the children with Nada Maharaj.

Krishna and Balaram too embraced the Nanda and Yashoda.They made them sit along with them and felt relieved of all their sorrows just by looking at them. Then Rohini and Devaki addressed Yashoda.“Oh Queen of Vraja, what woman can forget the unceasing friendship of you two. Even the wealth of Indra is not sufficient to repay your debt. These two children Rama and Krishna not having known their parents you two were the parents coddling, nourishing, bringing up, and protecting them. You were like the eyelids protecting the eye. Indeed for saintly persons like you there is no difference between others and their own. And you were the real parents of Rama and Krishna.”

The Gopis too came. Seeing Lord after a long time, gazed at him longingly. Absorbing him in their hearts, they quickly attained that consciousness which is difficult even for yogis longing for Krishna.

The Lord met the Gopis, and he spoke to them.

“Oh Dear ones! Do you remember us who went away with a purpose and stayed too long to destroy the enemies? Perhaps you hold us in contempt with suspicion as being ungrateful. It is the Supreme one who brings all beings together or separates them. Like the wind which brings together the groups of clouds, grass, and dust and throws them apart again so does the creator with the living beings. Devotion to me is like nectar of life ( ). By good fortune you have developed a love through which you have obtained me .

Dear ladies I am the beginning and the end of all living beings and I exist both within and without just like air water fire earth and ether . You must see me as the absolute and imperishable truth “

Having been thus instructed by the Lord , the Gopis by constant meditation eradicated the mask on the soul , understood the Lord fully .

The Gopis spoke

Oh Lord your Lotus feet are the shelter for those who have fallen into the dark well of material existence . Your feet to be meditated upon within the heart by great mystics and learned philosophers . For those of us engaged in family affairs let those feet be awakened in our hearts too

In this way Supreme Lord who was the lover of all the Gopis became the spiritual master of the Gopis guiding them towards constant meditation.


Having been thus instructed by the Lord, the Gopis by constant meditation eradicated the mask on the soul, understood the Lord fully.