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Dasama Skandh- A Chapter wise Summary !

A brief chapter wise summary of Dasama Skandha in Bhagavatam

Summary of Dasama Skandha

Dasama Skandha starts with a query from Parikshit asking Suka to tell him the incredible story of Krishna ( Chapter 1 ). Then Suka Mahamuni relates the story wherein Maha Vishnu announces that he will be born in Yadu line response to prayers from Bhudevi and other celestials to reduce the burden of growing evil on the earth. Then Mahavishnu makes his spiritual power enter Devaki as the seventh baby which is transplanted into the womb of Rohini by Maya ( Chapter 2 ) and is born as Balarama . Then Krishna is born to Devaki as the eighth child. But he is surreptitiously shifted to Vraja ( Chapter 3) in place of the baby ( Yoga Maya) born to Yasoda . Kamsa tries to kill the 8th and realizes that the one born to kill him is elsewhere ( Chapter 4) . With Krishna seen as Nanda's son Gokul explodes with festivities ( Chapter 5) . Kamsa now uses all tricks to kill Krishna using Putana ( Chapter 6) Sakatasura ( Chapter 7). Krishna childhood is cherished in Vraja ( Chapter 8, Chapter 9). Krishna drags mortar felling trees ( Chapter 10). Considering all the happenings as evil people of Vraja move to Vrindavan ( Chapter 11). There Aghasura is killed by Krishna ( Chapter 12) . Brahma tests Krishna ( Chapter 13) and realizes the limitations of his own power ( Chapter 14). Then the liberation of Dhenuka ( Chapter 15) , Kaliya mardanam ( Chapter 16 , Chapter 17) follow. Then Pralamba sent by Kamsa is killed ( Chapter 18) This is followed by Krishna rescuing his fellow Gopas from forest fire ( Chapter 19).

The Krishna's pastimes ( Chapter 20) , the magic of Flute are described ( Chapter 21) . The Krishna's pranks in stealing clothes of gopis ( Chapter 22) , the salvation of Brahmana women ( Chapter 23) are described. Krishna stops sacrifices to please Indra and recommends Govardhan Puja ( Chapter 24)instead . The displeased Indra vents his anger , but Krishna protects Gopas by lifting Govardhan mountain offering protection ( Chapter 25). This reveals Krishna's divinity ( Chapter 26) and Krishna is seen as Govinda ( Chapter 27) . Krishna saves Nanda from Varuna ( Chapter 28).

The Raslila ( Chapter 29), Gopis in separation ( Chapter 30) and their songs ( Chapter 31) followed by Lord's reappearance ( Chapter 32) , the carnival of Rasa dance ( Chapter 33) and the gopis singing of Krishna's praises ( Chapter 35) are all told beautifully. The salvation of Vidhyadharas Sudarsana and sankhachuda also forms part of the narrative ( Chapter 34).

Kamsa continues to conspire to kill Krishna ( Chapter 36). In the process Kesi and Vyomasura are killed ( Chapter 37) . Kamsa sends Akrura to bring krishna to Mathura ( Chapter 38). Akrura leaves for Mathura with Krishna( Chapter 39 ), realizes divinity of Krishna ( Chapter 40) and praises him . Then Krishna enters Mathura ( Chapter 41) and there are events leading up to the main event namely the wrestling match ( Chapter 42) . Krishna tames the elephant Kuvalayapida ( Chapter 43) and finally Kamsa gets his salvation ( Chapter 44) at the hands of Krishna.

There after the events move on with restoration of order among Yadus ( Chapter 45) , release of and recognition of Vasudeva and Devaki as the parents of krishna and Balarama. Then Krishna sends Uddhava as his messenger to Vraja ( Chapter 46) . Uddhava meets Gopis too and impressed by their attachment to Krishna ( Chapter 47). In the mean time Krishna visits Trivakra and Akrura ( Chapter 48 ). Krishna sends Akrura on a mission to Hastinapura ( Chapter 49). The death of Kamsa enrages Jarasandha who attacks Yadavas . ( Chapter 50, Chapter 51 ) as many as eighteen times !!.

Then hearing from Narada about Krishna, Rukmini falls in love with Krishna and sends a message ( Chapter 52) to Krishna. Then Krishna abducts Rukmini ( Chapter 53) and marries Rukmini ( Chapter 54) . This is followed by birth of Pradyumna ( Chapter 55 ). The story of Samanataka jewel is told in Chapter 56 , Chapter 57) the other marriages of Krishna are told ( Chapter 58). The slaying of Narakasura( Chapter 59) , the humbling of Rukmini by Krishna (Chapter 60) are described. The destruction of Rukmi ( Chapter 61) , the romance of Aniruddha and Usha ( Chapter 62) and the recovery of Aniruddha by Yadavas ( Chapter 63) are also narrated.

The story of Nriga ( Chapter 64) , the confrontation with Paundraka ( Chapter 66), the destruction of Dvivida ( Chapter 67) follow. Then we have two stories of Balarama in diverting Yamuna ( Chapter 65) and Samba's episode ( Chapter 68) where Kurus are humbled by Balarama are narrated.

The Krishna as house holder is described in Chapter 69 .

The messages from kings captured by Jarasandha and plea from Pandavas ( Chapter 70) move the story to Indraprastha ( Chapter 71). The Killing of Jarasandha ( Chapter 72), the liberation of the kings captured by Jarasandha ( Chapter 73) , Rajasuya by Pandavas ( Chapter 74) , and Duryodhana's humiliation (Chapter 75) follow.

Then the battle with Salva ( Chapter 76) , destruction of Salva ( Chapter 77) and the salvation of Dantavaktra ( Chapter 78 ) follow. Not wanting to be part of the war between Pandavas and Kauravas Balaram goes on a pilgrimage. ( Chapter 79)

Then the story of Sudama ( Chapter 80) and Krishna's grace ( Chapter 81) are described. The festival at Symantapanchaka becomes an occasion for meeting friends and relatives ( Chapter 82) and we hear about Krishna's marriages from his consorts ( Chapter 83). Vasudeva offers sacrifice at Syamantapanchaka ( Chapter 84) . At this time Krishna also fulfils the wishes of his mother Devaki ( Chapter 85) . Then we have Subhadra parinayam ( Chapter 86) followed by the story of Vritasura ( Chapter 88) , and Brighu's testing of Trimurthis ( Chapter 89) . Final description of Krishna as the immaculate one ( Chapter 90) concludes Dasama Skandha .

The chapter 87 is a hymn of Vedas presently not included.

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