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Chapter 15 Skandha 11

Uddhava Gita : Chapter 10

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Uddhava Gita Chapter 10: ( Summary).

Answering Uddhavas query Krishna eleborates on the powers ( Siddhis") acquired by Yoga. The eight types of powers directly due to the Supreme being and the ten types of powers acquired by various methods of yogic efforts. But finally adds that "whatever powers can be achieved by austerities and mantras can be achieved by devotional service to me". Thus emphasizing the superiority of devotional service . Also making it clear that all other "Siddhis" are more a side attraction or more accurately as real distractions on the way to the main goal of "Liberation"


" The Yogi who has conquered his senses steadied his mind, conquered the breathing process and fixed his mind on me acquires the mystic powers "

Uddhava Gita

Chapter 10:

Lord Krishna starts by explaining the powers of Yoga:

“My dear Uddhava a Yogi who has conquered his senses steadied his mind, conquered the breathing process and fixed his mind on me acquires the mystic powers of Yoga"

Uddhava says:

“Oh Krishna! By what process can the mystic perfection be achieved? What is the nature of such perfection? How much such perfection is possible? Oh Yogi of Yogis please speak"!

Bhagavan says:

“The masters of Yoga system have declared that there are eighteen types of Siddhis of which are eight are primary which are centered on me. The remaining ten are manifested from material goodness".

Then Lord Krishna elaborates on the eight mystic powers centered on the Supreme Being. These are Anima, Garima, and Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Isita Siddhi, Vasita Siddhi and Kamavasayita Siddhi

Anima is becoming smaller than the smallest. Garima is becoming greater than the greatest. Laghima becoming lighter than the lightest. By perfection of Prapti Siddhi one acquires whatever one desires. By Prakamya Siddhi one enjoys any object things visible, or things invisible. And through Isita Siddhi one can manipulate the sub-potencies of Maya. Through Vasita Siddhi one obtains the perfection of controlling Gunas, Through Kamavasayita Siddhi one can obtain anything from anywhere.

Then Krishna elaborates on the ten secondary Mystic powers and these are as follows:

These are freeing oneself from Hunger , hearing and seeing things far away , moving body at the mind of speed , assuming any form one desires, entering the bodies of others, dying when one desires, witnessing the pastimes between demi-Gods and Apsaras, completely executing ones determination, and giving orders whose fulfillment is unimpeded !!.

Krishna continues explaining how one achieves these Siddhis or powers . He says :

'One who worships me in my atomic form pervading all subtle elements obtains the mystic power of Anima '

 'One who meditates on the total material energy fixing his mind in me obtains the power called Mahima'

'I exist within everything and I am therefore the essence of the atomic constituents of material elements. By attaching his mind to me in this form one achieves the power called Garima'

By fixing his mind completely in me within the element of false ego generated from the mode of goodness, the yogi obtains the power of Prapti or mystic acquisition and becomes the proprietor of the senses of all beings'

'One who concentrates all mental activities in me as the Super Soul which manifest the fruitful activities obtains form me the most excellent mystic perfection called Prakamya'

'One who places his consciousness on Vishnu, the prime mover, obtains the mystic perfection of controlling other conditioned souls'.

'The yogi who places his mind in my form as Narayana becomes endowed with my nature and obtains the mystic power called Asita '

'One who fixes his mind on me in my manifestation as the Impersonal Brahman obtains the greatest happiness where in all his desires are fulfilled'.

'A human being who fixes his mind on me as the upholder of religious principles, the perfection of purity and the Lord of Sveta Dvipa, obtains pure existence wherein he is freed from Hunger, thirst etc'

'The purified entity who fixes his mind on the extraordinary sound vibrations occurring within me as the personified sky and the life air is then able to perceive within the sky the speaking of all living entities'.

' Merging one's sight into the Sun Planet then sun's planet onto one's eyes , one should meditate on me existing within the combination of Sun and vision , then one obtains the power to see a distant thing'.

“When the Yogi applying his mind in a way desires to assume a particular form that vary from immediately appears. Such perfection is possible by absorbing in his mind in the shelter of my inconceivable mystic potency”.

“When a perfect Yogi desires to enter another's body he should meditate upon himself within the other body and then giving up his own gross body he should enter the other body through the path ways of air”

“The yogi who has achieved the perfection of dying on his own volition , blocks the Anus with the heel of his foot and then lifts the soul from the heart to chest , to the neck and finally to the head . Situated within the Brahma randhra the yogi then gives up his material body and guides the soul to the selected destination “.

“The yogi who desires to enjoy the pleasures of Devaloka should meditate on the purified mode of goodness then the pleasures arrive by airplane”.

“A yogi who has faith in me absorbing his mind in Me and knowing that My purpose is always fulfilled , he will always achieve his purpose by the very means he has determined to follow”

“A person who perfectly meditates on me acquires my nature of being the supreme controller. His order like mine cannot be frustrated by any means”.

“A yogi who has purified his existence by devotion to me and who thus expertly knows the process of meditation obtains the knowledge of past present and future. He can therefore see the birth and death of himself and others”.

“Just as the bodies of aquatics cannot be hurt by water similarly the body of Yogi whose consciousness is pacified by devotion to me cannot be injured by fire Sun, water, poison and so forth”.

“My devotee becomes unconquerable by meditating on me with its excellences of Srivatsa and Sudarshan.

“A learned devotee who worships me through Yoga certainly obtains in all respects the powers I have described”.

“For a sage who conquered his senses , breathing , and mind who is self controlled and always absorbed in meditation on Me what mystic perfection could be possibly difficult to achieve “

Learned experts in devotional service state that the mystic powers I have mentioned are actually impediments and are a waste of time for one that is practicing the supreme Yoga by which one achieves all perfections in life directly from me'.

'Whatever powers can be achieved by good birth, herbs, austerities and mantras can be achieved by devotional service to me. Indeed one cannot achieve the actual perfection of Yoga by any other means'.

My dear Uddhava I am the cause of all mystic powers of the Yoga system, of analytical knowledge, of pure activity and of community of Vedic teach”

Thus concludes Chapter 10

Of Uddhava Gita


"Just as material elements exist within and outside of all material bodies I in my all pervading form exist within and outside of all"